All catalogs from Stellar Specialties include compilations of the greatest selling products available, all at specially negotiated prices and produced by dozens of the most reliable manufacturers in the premium and advertising specialty industry. Space limitations prevent us from listing each manufacturer’s specific instructions or to cover every contingency. The following information is intended to provide you with “general” guidelines. For more details on specific additional features or production methods not listed in here or in our catalog, consult with a Stellar Specialties representative.

Purchase Orders: Purchase orders must accompany all orders and may not be canceled without prior approval. All changes to purchase orders must be confirmed in writing.

Payment Terms: All new customers must provide necessary credit info. prior to processing order. All orders are pre-pay unless Net 30 terms are established for qualified accounts. Cash, check, or money orders accepted.

Artwork: We accept almost all major file formats and programs from PCs and in some cases Macintoshes. However, we prefer Adobe Illustrator files. You can probably ask the person who created your logo for this file and email it or send it to us on disk. We can also use .jpg, .gif, .bmp and .tif or any other graphics file. For files other than Adobe Illustrator, please make sure the resolution is a least 600 dpi. Please do not send artwork from your website: these graphics are low resolution and NOT suitable for our use.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact our art department and we’ll walk you through it. Remember, it might be a bit of a hassle now, but once we have it on file, you’ll never have to deal with it again.

Adobe Illustrator Notes: Please convert your image to outlines so any special fonts will not have to be included with the document.

Otherwise please provide camera ready artwork. The mechanical paste-up should be done to final printed size on white card stock or illustration board. The edges of all images must be smooth, not ragged. Letters must be first generation. Letterheads, yellow page advertisements or photocopies do not provide acceptable printing results. Artwork should be color separated for multi-color imprints. Each overlay should be in position and indicated by register marks.
All art charges will be quoted if the art work is not supplied or if supplied art work is not properly sized. All art must be approved by customer prior to production. Your artwork can be e-mailed to art@stellarspecialties.com.

Cuts, Screens, Dies and Set-Up Charges: Depending upon the production method, some charges for set-up may apply. Consult your Stellar Specialties representative for specific charges. Generally, manufacturers maintain files for a maximum of 24 months. Reorders placed after the 24-month period will require a new set-up charge. Set-up charges will be waived on orders totaling more than $1,000.

Colors-Product: We have taken special care to represent product colors as accurately as possible. However, due to variances in the photographic and printing processes involved in the production of our catalog (both hardcopy and on-line), slight differences in the product may occur. If a product is to be used for a particular “color” coordinated promotion and product color is a significant part of the promotion, we ask that you order a random sample or a product proof prior to production.

Colors-Imprint: Standard imprint colors vary from item to item and manufacturer to manufacturer. If a specific PMS color match is required, contact a Stellar Specialties representative for pricing for the specific product as each manufacturer will have their own pricing policy.

Flexible Quantities: Some products can be ordered in less than minimum quantities. Call for additional charges.

Future Deliveries: Generally, Stellar Specialties and its manufacturers can accommodate orders for delivery for a future date. However, at these deeply discounted prices all orders must be completed and shipped no later than December 31, 2001.

Shipping Considerations: All of our products are shipped FOB from their respective manufacturers in the United States. The shipping costs involved vary depending on the time frame you need delivery of your order and the level of service you choose. We ship FED EX or UPS in the most economical way to meet your in hands date.

Proofs: Paper proofs of the proposed imprint copy can be provided on each item upon request. Add $15.00 net. Product proofs may be available on certain items, consult with your Stellar Specialties representative for costs.

Samples: Random imprinted samples are available on any product shown in our catalogs or on-line at 50% of the smallest quantity list price shown. Sample purchases must be prepaid. All samples are shipped prepaid by UPS ground. If expedited service is needed appropriate charges will apply.

Special “Event” Dated Orders: Do not “assume” that a specific date can be met if the item ordered is for a special event and would be worthless if delivered after that date. A Stellar Specialties representative must specifically authorize each case. Once authorization has been pre-approved, be certain to expedite your order by overnight delivery and put the required “in hands delivery by or cancel date” boldly at the top of your order form. Also be sure to list the name of the Stellar Specialties representative that provided the approval.

Substitutions: At times, our manufacturers find it necessary to make substitutions. We reserve the right to provide like product of equal or greater value without notice. Note: This is especially prevalent on caps advertised as “imports” – we do not advertise or guarantee a specific import brand. This may vary from order to order depending upon availability. On wearable items, it is not uncommon to find variations between “dye lots” and colors may also vary from order to order.

Under-run or Over-runs: Due to the very nature of automated high-speed production equipment and methods it is not possible to guarantee exact quantities. It is industry standard practice to allow for an under or over run of 5% on certain items. Invoices will reflect the actual quantity shipped.